Our Full Terms And Conditions

The complete terms and conditions that apply when signing up as a client are listed below. Every effort has been taken to refrain from using any jargon or legalese.

1. Agreement

1.0.1. As your accountants, you are appointing Accounting Wise Ltd (Company Reg No. 09365202) to represent you in all matters pertaining to the services you have chosen and in interactions with HMRC. Both sides have reached this agreement. Only a written document with the signatures of both parties may update or modify this agreement.

2. Confidentiality

2.0.1 We take the privacy of the information pertaining to our clients extremely seriously. All of the accounts, statements, and reports we provide are solely for your use in your company or to fulfill certain legal requirements. Without your permission, we won’t display them to anyone else.

2.0.2 You can designate another person, like your spouse, to communicate with us on your behalf. But we would need your written permission first. To learn more, kindly get in touch with us.

2.0.3. Ian Jipps is the data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act of 1998 with respect to the personal information provided about you./p>

3. Agreement of Terms and Cancellation

3.0.1 This agreement shall be in force as long as your registration form is submitted as completed. Unless cancellation occurs before to the first month’s payment, either party may modify or terminate our authorization to act on your behalf at any time without incurring any fees. A £30 fee will be due in that case to compensate our administrative costs. Written or email-based notice of termination is required. Regardless of whether you have used our services or not, and regardless of whether your year-end procedure has been carried out or not, no monthly payments will ever be refunded to you and cannot be transferred.

3.0.2 These terms and conditions may vary from time to time; if there is a change, you will be notified.

3.0.3. If an indemnity claim is made against direct debit payments that were due to be paid, then this amount will be payable to us immediately along with a £30 charge to cover the cost of the indemnity claim to us from our direct debit agency.

4. Payments

4.0.1. After you sign up for the service, we’ll send you monthly bills for the current fiscal year. Monthly direct debit payments for the invoiced amounts will be collected. Your initial invoice and direct debit will include a backdated amount to the beginning of your current financial period, for instance, if your financial period runs from January 1 to December 31 and your monthly fee is £50, your initial invoice and direct debit amount will be £300 (6 months x £50), and £50 thereafter.

If you decide to terminate our service part way through your financial year then no further monthly invoices will be raised from the date of your written cancellation. If you cancel part way through your financial year and would like us to complete that financial year’s work then we would agree to either continue the monthly invoices until the end of the financial year or raise a final invoice up to the financial year end.

4.0.2. If you register with us and we find that there is outstanding work due for previous periods then we will contact you straight away for your instruction on whether or not you would like us to give you a quotation for the work involved. A previous period is where a period end is before the current date. For example, if today’s date were 1st May 2017 and a self-assessment was due for period 6th April 2016 to 5th April 2017 then this would be a previous period.

4.0.3. From time to time we will increase fees to keep up with inflation or increasing costs. We will notify you of any fee increases at least 14 days in advance.

4.0.4. Your quote is based on the details you’ve given us about yourself and your company. We might modify our pricing to reflect changes in your business’s conditions. The fees will be changed, for instance, if your company obtained a quote based on a turnover range and this increases or decreases. Similar to this, if you choose us to handle your payroll and add more employees than we originally quoted you, the charge will vary to reflect these increases. Please ask us for a pricing guide if you’d like a summary of how we determine our fees.

5. Late Payments/defaults

5.0.1. For outstanding balances overdue by more than 90 days we reserve the right to charge interest at 8% above the base rate per annum until such a time we receive payment in full or receive correspondence from you to resolve the situation.

5.0.2 The owners of sole proprietorships and partnerships are accountable for any unpaid sums owed to us. The director who signed the registration form is ultimately responsible for limited corporations.

6. Authorisation

6.0.1. After receiving your registration form, we shall ask HMRC to mail you an authorization code. To avoid any unneeded delays with your work, kindly submit any codes you receive from HMRC to us as soon as possible.

66.0.2. In accordance with anti-money laundering rules, we shall conduct an identification check when you register with us. You authorize us to conduct a credit search as part of this check, which may involve one. Please be aware that the search is a soft search and has no impact on your credit score. This check is not done to determine your creditworthiness.

7. Correspondencen

7.0.1 We keep a record of all communications with our clients, including phone calls. All call recordings are kept in our CRM system and are only accessible in the odd occasion that we need to use them. You consent to us monitoring and training through recording talks.

8. Referral Fees

8.0.1 We engage thoroughly vetted affiliates to manage additional services we provide to our customers. In some cases, those affiliates may pay us referral fees in exchange for the services they obtain from us. You grant us permission to keep any referral money that are earned.

9. Offers

9.0.1. Promotional offers are only valid if you sign up as a regular customer. The offer will not be valid and the full amount will be due if you terminate your service within 12 months of the period to which the offer refers. For instance, the full cost of the free incorporation will be due if you accept a free offer to incorporate your business and decide to withdraw our services within a year.

10. Your Responsibility for the Preparation of Financial Statements

10.0.1 You have agreed to make any accounting records and related financial information necessary for the preparation of your accounts available to us as and when requested. You consent to providing us with full disclosure of all material information. Before we submit any accounts or returns to HMRC or Companies House, you must approve the accounts.

10.0.2 You are in charge of making sure that all financial data, whether utilized by the company or for the accounts, is accurate to the best of your knowledge and belief. Additionally, it is your duty to ensure that the company’s operations are honest, that its assets are protected, and that provisions have been made to both prevent and catch any instances of fraud or other unethical behavior.

10.0.3. You are in charge of devising plans to prevent and identify any non-compliance with rules and regulations as well as making sure the business complies with those that are relevant to its operations.

10.0.4 It’s crucial that you give us the contact information of any professionals you used before becoming a client of ours so that we can get relevant information from them. We reserve the right to charge you an additional fee for the time required to piece together your prior financials if we are unable to obtain the information we require to begin working for you.

11. Our Responsibilities for the Preparation of Financial Statements

11.0.1 We shall produce your yearly accounts based on the accounting records, the details and justifications you provide, and the accounting records. Before submitting any returns, we will compile accounts for your approval.

11.0.2. We will let you know if your records are adequate for preparing the annual accounts and will offer suggestions for any changes we deem required. If you suffer damages or fines as a result of disregarding our advice, we won’t be held liable.

11.0.3. We will make every effort to prepare financial statements that accurately represent the information you provide about your business affairs, but we won’t be held liable for mistakes brought on by inaccurate information from you.

11.0.4. Any liability for mistakes made in the production of accounts, tax returns, or other work is limited to the amount we charge to complete that job.

11.0.5 It is our responsibility as accountants to create accounts that follow established accounting standards.

11.0.6 If you need us to do additional work for you that is not covered by the services in your chosen package, we will charge an additional cost commensurate with the scope of the work, and both parties will agree on the amount before any work is started.

11.0.7 After your year-end procedures are finished, if we still have any of your records, we will send them back to you through registered delivery. After seven years, any records we’ve kept per your request will be automatically destroyed.

11.0.8. Accounting Wise is required by law to abide by all applicable civil and criminal laws.

12. VAT

12.0.1. Accounting Wise’s VAT registration number is 256595857.

13. Professional Indemnity Insurance.

13.0.1. Simply Business, a trading name of Xbridge Limited (No. 3967717), provides professional indemnity insurance for Accounting Wise. Simply Business has its registered office at 99 Gresham Street, 6th Floor, London EC2V 7NG.

13. Professional Indemnity Insurance.

14.0.1 As soon as we receive your registration form, we will be able to handle all of your company’s accounting and tax matters on your behalf.

14.0.2. Based on the data, additional details, and justifications you supply, we will create the accounts and tax return.

14.0.3. Prior to submitting any accounts or returns to Companies House or HMRC, we shall need your consent.

14.0.4 We shall inform you of the tax payments that must be made as well as the deadlines for doing so.

14.0.5. If, after we finish working on your accounts or tax return, you ask for changes to be made, a quote for the additional work required will be provided to you. If your return needs to be changed, we’ll deal with HMRC on your behalf and prepare the necessary amended returns.

14.0.6. Any overpayment that occurs will be made by HMRC into our client account and remitted to your bank account by quicker payment the same working day.

14.0.7 Unless you advise us differently, we shall handle all correspondence with HMRC on your behalf.

14.0.8 It’s crucial that you deliver your records to us well in advance of any deadlines. As soon as your financial year ends, we will give you several reminders that we need your records.

14.0.9. A percentage of the tax returns submitted each year are under investigation by HMRC. Businesses are chosen at random or when submitted data appears to be inaccurate. We will represent you during an investigation without charging you extra as long as your service with us is still current.

14.2.0. You consent to our right to contact any third parties we deem appropriate in order to obtain information we deem required to handle your affairs.

14.2.1 If you have registered with us as a limited business, your price includes up to 2 director self-assessments. Self-assessment periods last from April 6 to April 5 of each year. The self-assessment period that coincides with the end of your first company’s fiscal year will be the first one to be factored into your charge. For instance, the self-assessment(s) provided will cover the period from April 6, 2018, to April 5, 2019, if your first company’s financial year with us is from July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2018.

14.2.2. As general accountants and experts in small business taxes, we can meet the vast majority of accounting and tax needs that small businesses may have. We shall always make an effort to consult with affiliates for assistance if we lack the necessary skills or knowledge. But there are times when a professional is necessary. For instance, we may have to refer you to a specialist if your company needs assistance with EIS/SEIS form filing, R&D tax payback, or TOMS guidance. These services from these experts might come at a cost.

15. VAT Returns (if applicable)

115.0.1. As soon as we receive your registration form, we will be able to handle all of your company’s VAT-related matters on your behalf.

15.0.2 Before submitting the VAT return to HMRC, we will provide it to you for approval.

15.0.3. We will advise you as to amounts of VAT to be paid (or repaid to you) and the dates by which you should make any payments.

15.0.4 Unless you advise us differently, we shall handle all correspondence with HMRC on your behalf.

15.0.5. Please check that all supplies produced by the company are listed in the records that have been made available to us. It should be clear that the fact that we have been appointed as your agent does not relieve your company of its legal obligations. We would like to bring your attention to the stringent guidelines, deadlines, and potential steep fines associated with the submission of such returns. Therefore, it is crucial that you provide us with accurate information as soon as possible so that we can guarantee that the returns are submitted on time.

16. Payroll (if applicable)

16.0.1. To process your payroll we will require certain information from you. This includes:

16.0.2. Any employee who is absent from work for four or more calendar days, including weekends, bank holidays, etc., must give notice within two weeks. This will make it possible for us to administer your statutory sick pay.

16.0.3. Any employee who becomes pregnant must be informed. We will now be able to administer statutory maternity pay.

16.0.4. Details of any money or benefits made available to employees by you or by a third party through you.

16.0.5: Pay rates, bonus amounts, and working hours, etc.

16.0.6. Notification of workers you hire or who leave your employment.

16.0.7. Information on employee holiday pay.

16.0.8. Any notice of code that you receive (even though we should get a copy)

16.0.9. If any casual labour is taken on, you are required to operate P46 procedures. Completed P46 forms should be supplied to us for processing. Please contact us if you would like us to explain this process.

16.1.0. It is crucial that we obtain your payroll records on time because RTI returns must be submitted to HMRC on the same day that you pay employees.

16.1.1.It is important to understand that the fact that we have been appointed as your agent does not relieve your company of its legal obligations. We would like to bring your attention to the stringent guidelines, deadlines, and potential steep fines associated with the submission of such returns. Therefore, it is crucial that you provide us with accurate information as soon as possible so that we can guarantee that the returns are submitted on time.

17. Bookkeeping (if applicable)

17.0.1. If you ask us to handle your bookkeeping, we’ll enter your company’s transactions into the system that works best for you. All necessary business records, such as sales invoices, purchase invoices, expense receipts, bank statements, paying in/cheque books, and credit card statements (if applicable), must be provided in order for the bookkeeping to be completed.

17.0.2. Unless you direct us otherwise, we’ll preserve your papers until your year-end processes are finished. Your data will be returned to you by registered delivery once we are done processing them.

17.0.3.assuming you do your own bookkeeping, we would anticipate receiving records that have been reconciled (assuming a double entry method is appropriate). To ensure that the bookkeeping has been done correctly, samples will be taken. Any discrepancies will be brought to your attention, and we’ll wait for your directions before moving forward with our job. Before any work is done, we will create a quote for you to approve if you would like us to remedy any bookkeeping problems.

17.0.4 If, after we finish your bookkeeping, you want changes made to the work that has already been done, you’ll be given a quote for the extra work that has to be done.

17.0.5. Your estimates of the number of monthly business transactions you have are taken into account when we provide a quote for bookkeeping services. Sometimes we discover that the number of transactions is greater or smaller than anticipated. In this case, the monthly cost would be adjusted to reflect the actual number of transactions. Any modifications to the bookkeeping fee are always communicated with at least 10 days’ notice.

17.0.6. If bookkeeping involves currency conversions then we must charge an additional 25p per transaction to cover the extra time that this will take.

17.0.7. We may quote an hourly rate rather than the regular transactional rate if you have particular demands for your bookkeeping needs or if there is a greater than usual degree of complexity. We reserve the right to adjust the quotation if we obtain bookkeeping records that are more complicated than originally anticipated. Before starting the job, we will never start it without first getting your approval on the amended quote.

17.0.8 If you are sending us paper records, they must be organized and given to us in date order. We may provide a quote for an additional hourly charge if organizing your paper records will take us a significant amount of time.

18. Contractors and IR35 (if applicable):

18.0.1 You should take into account your risk to IR35 if all or a portion of your business is related to contracting. IR35 is a piece of legislation that tries to stop contractors from receiving tax benefits over an employee performing a similar function. Although we are delighted to offer advice and materials to assist you in determining whether you are likely to be inside or outside of the law, it is your obligation to analyze your risk to IR35.

19. Fair Usage policy:

19.0.1. In order to maintain a profitable business relationship, we retain the right to raise our rates for customers that use our service “excessively.” This regulation would mostly be implemented for clients that take up our accountants’ time with pointless requests, a disproportionate number of inquiries, or inquiries unrelated to accounting or the services we provide. We do take into account the fact that new clients will need additional assistance and guidance when they initially register with us or if they are starting a business.

19.0.2. If we believe a customer is in violation of this policy, we will warn them in writing and provide them the option of paying a higher charge or reducing their demands on our accountants’ time.

19.0.3 The limitless assistance and counsel included in your selected package refers to the tasks you have assigned to us. We would try to charge a reasonable fee that would be proportionate to the effort needed and will be agreed upon by both parties prior to any work being done for specialist assistance or advise on subjects outside of your selected services.

20. Your personal data, privacy and security

20.0.1. Please take some time to carefully read through our Privacy Policy. This policy outlines what data we collect from you, what we do with your data and how we ensure it is secure.

20.0.2. It is presumed that you have read and comprehended our Privacy Policy if you have agreed to these Terms and Conditions.